NadIRは使いやすい上にCPU負荷も低く、リアルタイムで素晴らしい品質のコンボリューションを実行するように設計されており、 ギタリストとベーシストがプロのエンジニアの必要なしにトーンを簡単に作れる、高度な内蔵フィルターとディレイコントロールを提供しています。


NadIR is a zero latency, dual Impulse Response (IR) convolver, designed to be used as a cabinet simulator for guitar and bass (pre)amplifiers (VST/AU or even hardware).

It has been designed to perform pristine quality convolution in real time, light on the CPU and easy to use, providing advanced built-in filters and delay controls to let guitarists and bassists shape their tone with ease, without the need to be professional audio engineers.

NadIR is meant to be used as a cabinet simulator for live playing and jamming, tracking or mixing inside hosts capable of AAX, AU, VST or VST3 Plug-Ins support.