ValhallaSupermassive has been designed from the ground up for MASSIVE delays and reverbs. Blow your mind and your music to new levels of consciousness and experience. Get ready for luscious clouds of reverb, otherworldly delays, swelling waves of feedback unlike any you’ve heard before.All Valhalla plugins are self documenting, so just roll over the controls for the tool tip.And, it’s FREE! No strings attached. Just click the download links and you’re ready to go.

Full Bucket’s Frequency Shifter

周波数シフターは、入力信号のスペクトルを周波数軸に沿って上下にシフトします。 この効果は「ボード周波数シフト」または「シングルサイドバンドモジュレーション」とも呼ばれます。私見ですがこれまでで最も過小評価され、無視され続けてきたエフェクトの一つではないでしょうか。


The Frequency Shifter shifts the spectrum of the input signal up or down along the frequency axis. This effect is also know as "Bode Frequency Shifting" or "Single Sideband Modulation"; IMHO one of the most underrated and ignored effects ever.

Do not confuse the Frequency Shifter with a pitch shifter. A pitch shifter multiplies all frequencies of the input signal by a constant factor while a frequency shifter adds (or subtracts) a constant amount of Hertz to (or from) those frequencies. Thus, the harmonic structure of the input signal will not be preserved in the modulated signal, resulting in a raw, inharmonic, metallic, you-name-it sound the more you apply the effect. Even more, if you mix a slightly shifted signal with the original input signal you will get some uncommon phasing sound.





  • Bodeスタイルの周波数シフト。
  • アナログスタイルのディレイ。ディレイタイムはノブで設定するか、またはテンポ同期させます。
  • ディレイ音を加工するためのローカットおよびハイカットフィルター。
  • フィードバック調整(入力なしでも自励発振が可能)
  • モノ/ステレオ入力、ステレオ出力。

ValhallaFreqEcho is a frequency shifter, combined with an analog-style echo. The MkI release adds a GUI as well as the ability to sync the delay time to the tempo. The sonic results encompass barberpole flanging and phasing, dub echoes that constantly rise or fall in pitch, the classic detuning of frequency shifting, and a variety of psychedelic, evolving self-oscillation patterns that will spin around and through your skull.


  • Bode-style frequency shifting.
  • Analog style delay, with delay time set via knob or synced to tempo.
  • Low Cut and High Cut filters for shaping delayed sound.
  • Feedback control (can produce self oscillation even with no input).
  • Mono/Stereo input, stereo output.