HoRNet CompExp

HoRNet CompExp is a compressor expander based on the design of a compander chip designed for telephone lines and used in many electronic devices to reduce the noise.

The chip works with a fixed threshold (in our case is internally set to -18dBFS) when the “amount” knob is at a value greater than 1 the gain is increased by the specified factor if the signal is below the threshold, and decreased if above. If the chip is set to work as an expander, the contrary happens, the gain is increased if above the threshold and decreased if below.

The system is designed this way to permit dynamic compression on telephone lines and compressor and expander are used together in this configuration, but we found that these models sounds interesting by themselves.



  • 周波数固定の4バンド
  • M/Sまたはステレオモード
  • コンプレッサー、トランジェントバイタライザー、EQ
  • 取扱説明書付き(是非読んでください)

QuadraCom is a dynamics processor for mix bus and mastering. It offers a 4-band compressor and a 4-band transient vitalizing processor. QuadraCom can add subtle enhancement to full mixdowns or even tighten up the drum bus.

  • 4 bands with fixed frequencies.
  • M/S or Stereo mode.
  • Compressor, transient vitalizer and EQ.
  • Operation manual included (reading encouraged).


VOLA - Voice Optimized Leveling Amplifierはその名の通り、もともとはブロードキャストボイスダイナミクス処理のために作成されました。しかし、ドラムやシンセパッドなど、あらゆる種類の素材でも問題なく機能します。VOLAはクリーンなサウンドを目指していますが、極端なコンプレッション効果にも使用できます。

  • アップワードとダウンワードの圧縮をそれぞれ個別に調整可能。
  • 「プッシュダウン」のポイントまで徐々にリミッティングされる、非常にソフトなニーコンプレッション
  • ダイナミクス変化の視覚的表示
  • 統計情報の表示

VOLA - Voice Optimized Leveling Amplifier, as the name suggests, was originally made for broadcast voice dynamics processing. But it works well with all kinds of material, like drums and synth pads. VOLA aims to sound clean, but can be used for extreme compression effects as well.

  • Upwards & downwards compression, each separately adjustable.
  • Very soft knee compression gradually turning to limiting at "Push Down" point.
  • Visual metering for changes in dynamics.
  • Statistics display.