• 設定可能な入力コントロール
  • 自動調節の出力ゲイン
  • コントロール可能なリリース特性
  • オプションのソフトクリップ
  • タグベースのプリセットブラウザ
  • 機能全体のMIDIラーン機能
  • 64ビット内部処理

Frontier is a studio-grade limiter plug-in with simple and straightforward user interface.

It allows for quick and efficient controlling dynamics of a channel, bus or master output. Frontier can be used as very transparent mixing / mastering limiter (at certain settings) with just licking the loudest amplitude peaks, or can be utilized as sound-shaper too, when more extreme settings are at stake. Especially with soft-clip option is enabled.

Key features:

  • Configurable control input.
  • Automatic output gain make up.
  • Controllable release characteristic.
  • Optional soft clip.
  • Tag based preset browser.
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout.
  • 64-bit internal processing.